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Environmental Structures / Natural Building /Sustainable Design /Energy Efficiency /Long Life Cycle/ Healthy building

At our company, we take the raw idea's of  plans  from our clients and turn it into a meaningful  results.

  Steel Homes are made by durable and reusable materials. Materials can be easily recycle with the dismantling of steel building. 

  In recent years,  many  homes (annually) have been destroyed by wildfire, a loss inflated by drought conditions in both eastern and western states

Contechx Prefab Houses

 is a superior home brand that provides the highest standard technology and qualified materials, offering Comfortable / Reliable and Fire Rated  Buildings


  Pre-engineered, fabricated structural elements, enables providing high-quality, low prices and shorten the construction time  . Steel is the material that has the highest capacity at the ratio of the load carriage. 


 Our company principle offers quality products at the most economic conditions and reaches our customer satisfaction targets.